Is a summerhouse right for me?

Why have a summerhouse?

With summer coming and our thoughts moving to the garden and spending more time outdoors, now’s a perfect time to think about home improvements.

With the ever increasing costs of moving, and the constant rise in house prices in the West London and surrounding areas, it’s never been harder to progress up the housing ladder.

This has led to many people looking at loft extensions and garden buildings as a more cost effective way of optimising and increasing living space within their existing property.

At West London Summerhouses, we design and build bespoke cedar clad which perfectly complement your garden and add year-round useable space and value to your property. Whether you’re looking for a office separate from your house, gymnasium, ‘mancave’ or kid’s den, our structures are full insulated and suitable for year round use, come with metal bi-fold doors as standard, and are fully plastered and painted, with lighting and electrical supply which we connect to your mains.

Unlike loft conversions most of our summerhouse projects do not require planning permission, by their nature do not entail the upheaval and disruption which major building works cause to your household routine.

From commencement of works we usually complete and sign off each project within 3 weeks, leaving you with beautiful building which will be admired by visitors and neighbours alike, will add value to your house, and deliver a space which you’ll use for years to come.

For a better idea of costs and how you can transform your garden space, contact us today for a free site visit and quote.

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