Garden Offices – a new way to work

Working from home is becoming more common, but working in your home presents it’s own problems – conducting business calls, and concentrating with the daily hubbub of a home around you can be tricky. Similarly working from your kitchen or from a study can feel very claustrophobic, and blurs the line between work and leisure time.

The act of walking to my garden office (my commute!) separates these two worlds, and has led to more harmony in the house when both I and my wife have the opportunity to work from home. Our summerhouse has revolutionised our work habits, has added a feature to our house which is used by adults and kids alike, and looks beautiful.

Being properly insulated, it’s used year around, and with a wired broadband connection it’s a completely self contained office.

To find out more about what we do simply drop us an email, and we’ll follow up quickly. We believe in what we do, and feel our garden offices offer the best price to build quality on the market.

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