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Clear Simple Pricing with Few Surprises

One of the frustrations in chosing a summerhouse or garden office supplier are the differing levels of specification offered by each company, which makes comparative pricing difficult and time consuming. Many charge extra for options such as metal bifold doors, internal plastering and cedar cladding, all which we believe should be offered as standard.

We wanted to provide a very simple pricing structure, so the only additional costs for your summerhouse will come from additional decking or overhangs, internal partitions, windows, more complicated drainage solutions, or extra groundwork required to level the site before construction begins. Bespoke projects and unusual floor layouts can be quoted on independently, and we also build to half metre sizes, and will price accordingly.

3 x 4 – £18,000 – comes with 2.5m bi-fold doors
4 x 4 – £19,500– comes with 2.5m bi-fold doors
3 x 5 – £21,500 – comes with 3m bi-fold doors
4 x 5 – £25,000 – comes with 3m bi-fold doors
5 x 5 – £29,500 – comes with 3m bi-fold doors

Finding out more is Simple

Book an Appointment
The no commitment meeting lets us inspect the site, take your brief, and discuss any special request you have

Within 24 hours we’ll deliver a detailed build plan of the summerhouse, provide advice on any planning permission if necessary, and give you a build price.

Deposit paid, the materials are ordered and we provide a start date for the project, usually within a month of the initial payment.

Materials delivered to the site, over the next 3 weeks we’ll construct the summerhouse, complete the fit out, painting, electrical connections, before finally clearing the site and signing off the project.

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